Cruising by Computer



A Project under Construction to help plan for
cruising in eastern Long Island Sound and points east and west


Go Cruising Enter the Cruising Grounds
Tracker Take a look at how we keep an Online Journal while Under Sail
Canal Currents View the Cape Cod Canal Currents for any Date and Time
Tides Check the Tides
Weather Check the Weather
Get Lat Lon Point on a Map to get the Latitude and Longitude
Convert Lat/Lon Convert Degrees Minutes Seconds to Decimal Degrees and Vica Versa
US Sailing The US Sailing Website
Nav Rules The Rules of Navigation
Boating Basics Boating Basics
Weather Jack A Simple and Inexpensive Digital Barometer
Email Ask a question or make a suggestion (No complaints or criticisms, only good suggestions. :-} )
Nobeltec (pdf) I recommend Nobeltec Navigation Software. (Of course there are others)
..... Happy Sailing!     Harry



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